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Monday, May 07, 2012

Avengers: One Christianís Movie Review

This is where I am supposed to gush over this stunning block-busting all time money-making movie. I cannot do that. It was good, but not great.

As expected the special effects are fun and realistic (to a point). And as always Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance which is fun for which to keep watch. There are also highpoints; such as when throughout the theater there is a genuine laugh-out-loud moment when the principal bad-guy tries to assert his dominance over the Hulk with a commanding voice and reason.

Unexpectedly the plot is shallow and the dialogue lacking in symbolism and meaningful messages. Some of the dialogue is even confusingly contradictory, such as Banner stating he has his anger and the Hulk under control because he is always angry (hunh?). As my wife pointed out there must be something symbolic in all the references to suits and uniforms, yet neither of us have been able to identify what that might be. There is little to walk away thinking about or talking about when the story ends.

The theme is the need for unity from individual diversity so as to overcome obstacles. Point made not so subtly, point stated, point often repeated. Unfortunately the characters are really quite cardboard with only the Hulk (not Banner) showing any real dynamic growth.

Overall the movie is entertaining to watch and is largely free of sexual content and profanity, but it is truly amusement in the sense of lacking in the need to think. My hopes for a better comic book movie are now stuck to the upcoming installment of the Spiderman saga.

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