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Friday, September 25, 2009

What will be Your Job during the Millennium?

In the last few chapters of Revelation we are told that a coming Great Tribulation will transpire. During that judgment time (between 3 to 7 years in duration) many, many people will come to faith in Christ. So numerous will be the numbers of Jews that become saved that they are called "an uncountable multitude."

After the Great Tribulation, Christ will return, and the 1000 years of His bodily rule as king over the earth will begin. Revelation says He brings the resurrected saints back with Him. These resurrected saints will have first been given their glorified bodies which cannot sin, which are genderless, which cannot age, sicken, or die. These resurrected saints are us.

We come back with Christ when He begins the 1000 years of His absolute rule over those who will have survived the Great Tribulation; He will rule over them and the children they will bear. People will live to be over one hundred years of age during that time period. Jesusí throne will be housed on Mount Zion, the temple mountain in Jerusalem that is presently hosting the Dome of the Rock.

Why does Jesus bring us back to this planet in glorified bodies? Two reasons. First, we have been promised to never be absent from the presence of Christ after we die--and His presence will be on earth during His Millennial monarchy. The Millennial reign is for the benefit of the Jews. God will grant every unfulfilled blessing that Israel was given in the Old Testament Law. They will live in peace. The nation will worship Christ as king and Savior. The world will honor Israel as the favored nation of God.

So what is the second reason why are we there? We will serve Christ in His administration. He rules, we do His bidding for the purpose of serving Israel. Some of us will likely be sanitation directors, while others will possibly be city planners (there will be a population explosion going on), others will probably be lawyers and judges, while some may be mayors and governors. Whatever jobs we are given to do in Christís administration we will be working for Christ and to serve Israel that all the blessings they were promised will be fulfilled.

I have no idea how assignments will be given. Is it possible that what we learn and experience on this earth in this life will be the basis for what God chooses to have us do later? Will those who have dedicated themselves to the study of the Word in this life be pressed into service as teachers, counselors, or judges in the Millennium? I have no idea. But if our future is connected with our present (and I do not know that it is), that is but one more reason to learn the Word well now, "Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more matters of this life?" (1 Corinthians 6:3)

If you have a choice, what job will you choose to volunteer for during the Millennium?



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