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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fireproof: One Christianís Movie Review

In one comment I would sum up my opinion on Fireproof as: Fireproof delivers what Christians wanted Passion to deliver. This is a high quality film that combines humor, drama, human emotions, human desires, and an utterly clear explanation of the gospel message of Jesus as the Christ. Oh, by the way, it is also about a marriage in crisis between a firefighter and a public relations professional.

This movie is well written, better than I would have anticipated. The drama and reactions to events by the characters is realistic and believable. Its storyline is gripping at a social relationship level. Peppered throughout is obvious humor that often mimics (and surpasses) sitcom style episodes.

Casting was good, not excellent. Kurt Cameron as Caleb was superb and gave a highly authentic performance. Most of the firefighters were amateurish in their acting, yet, charming as the foils and comic relief they were intended to be. Calebís "father" was an endearing character and can be credited with offering the gospel in a compelling fashion. Calebís wife seems to be intended to be someone you will instinctively dislike--mission accomplished.

Throughout the movie the parallel between marriage and salvation is spotlighted. For the most part this is very well done. This imagery cannot be pushed too far, however. Salvation is by grace, a reconciliation with God that is totally undeserved and unearned. Marriages can be reconciled, but only by hard work and the forgiving grace of the offended partner. I do not think the movie infringes on this necessary distinction, but the line could be a bit blurry to those who are not well versed in salvation doctrine. I also wondered why the first "daily assignment" was not a sincere apology to the offended spouse. There is also a comment at the end of the film about marriages as covenants being superior to marriages as contracts; that comment seems to be built on a misunderstanding of ancient languages--covenants are actually contracts and both are as binding in Godís eyes as any formal agreement is permitted to be (please read http://thefaithfulword.org/divfaqs.html#q5 for more information). These are very minor concerns and do not detract from the superior nature of this film.

Several excellent songs play during reflective moments. My favorite was a tune about dedicating oneís life to worship while waiting on the Lord to accomplish His will in our lives. Things never seem to go as quickly as we want them to, but all things occur in Godís good timing, as He wills, not as man wills.

Go to this movie. Take your unsaved friends. Take your neighbors. Consider taking your children (warning: adult themes such as pornography and adultery are hinted at, so use good judgment if you do decide to take your children). Make the most of this movie as an evangelism tool. Contemplate the message about fireproofing your own marriage. Do go to this movie.




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