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Why Is There a Web Site Called
"The Faithful Word.org?"

"holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching, so that he will be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict." Titus 1:9

More than a motto, this verse represents the essence of why we built this site. Increasingly we have become aware that the church universal appears to be backing away from its obligation to effectively counter unbiblical doctrine.

Whatever the root causes of this apparent timidity, we would like to provide two primary handholds for believers today.
Only when those who know the Word speak out in defense of God's revelation will those who seek to abuse, or even to destroy it, be able to "come to their senses" and be reconciled back to God (2Timothy 2:25,26). Given that this is one of our biblical mandates, we offer the resources, the fellowship, and the encouragement that comes with rallying around the Word, Christ, and one another.

That said, this is not necessarily what has become popularly known as a "discernment ministry" site. The Faithful Word.org is primarily a doctrine study site. In so much as doctrine from varied authors, teachers, and sources will be studied and evaluated by this site, some of that outside material will be found to be faulty, and we will surely call attention to this, as would those who class themselves among the discernment sites. We will also study doctrine that is both correct and profound, such as Dr. Jay Adams' sweeping work on biblical counseling (Nouthetic Counseling) and Ken Sande's vision for reconciliation among the brethren as described in his excellent work, The Peacemaker.

No web site can provide the believer with everything needed to be equipped for ministry (and ministry belongs both to the layman as well as to the clergy). Therefore, The Faithful Word.org encourages all believers to seek out and become involved in a local church. Always bear in mind that the pastor is God's gift to the church, along with the multitude of other gifted individuals, to teach and equip the saints for service.

Please make full use of this free web site resource, and return often as it is our intent to add new material on a periodic basis.

In His Service,
C. W. Booth -- The Faithful Word.org
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A Comment on the Lack of a Biography

C. W. Booth has chosen not to publish a personal, professional, or ecclesial biography at this time (except to note that he has earned a Master of Divinity and has studied biblical and Nouthetic Counseling), though it may help the reader to understand Mr. Booth's frame-of-reference is predominantly Baptist. His writings will either stand with regard to God's Word alone, or they will not. In lieu of a biography, Mr. Booth makes only this further statement about himself:

"I was no one yesterday, I am no one today, I will always be a no one save that Christ knows my name as one He has redeemed."

Note: thefaithfulword.org is not connected or affiliated in any way with similar sounding web sites or with web sites of the same name but with a different domain extension (such as: .com, .info, etc.).

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