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Free Bible Downloads http://www.e-sword.net/
e-sword provides free Bible software and free Bible versions to run on that software. Bible versions include the NASB (with Strong's) as well as the KJV plus many others. For any Christian who does not have the financial resources to purchase commercially marketed electronic Bible software, please consider making use of this free on-line resource.

Bible Study Resources

Apologetics site dedicated to the book of Genesis and the creation account.

Answers In Genesis also operates the Creation Museum.

Troy's Creation House is not owned or operated by Answers In Genesis. It is a private ministry begun by Frank Zitzman. It provides limited housing on a donation-only basis for visitors to the Creation Museum.

On-line Bible study resources, concordances, commentaries.

Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary on the Entire Bible.

BibleGateway.com is a free service for reading and researching scripture online.

The Southern View Chapel's book reviews and study papers are fascinating resources.

Discernment Ministry Sites

A very large "discernment ministry" web site with an impressive list of articles.

Eastern Regional Watch is a "discernment ministry resource" web site with a large and ever expanding list of links to relevant articles throughout the web.

Links to Links

Eclectic page of resource links to the early church fathers, classical texts, etc.

"Computer Assisted Theology" - a site of links to subjects religious.

Search Engines

Search engine for subjects of a spiritual nature.

Christian Blogs

"His Master's Voice" -- C. W. Booth goes blogging.

Outstanding blog essays on the state of the modern Christian and the state of the church. Note: On November 19, 2005 the blog author has posted that he is probably discontinuing his blog site. This will be a loss. I suggest going to that site immediately and gleaning whatever insights you can in the time left (however long that might be).

A blog with a Plymouth Brethren flavoring.

An eclectic blog covering a plethora of topics.

Tony Ramsek blogs on issues ranging across theology, education, and creation v. evolution.

C.W.Booth's Photographic Business: Life Trek Photography, LLC

C.W.Booth is a freelance photographer. You are invited to view the various online photo galleries.

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