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    Thank you again for taking the time to read TheFaithfulWord.org.

    In the Service of Christ,

    C. W. Booth

    Every action we take in our life is a choice. Our choices are made on the basis of our value systems, how we evaluate good from bad. Our value systems are grounded in our deepest-held beliefs; and beliefs are those things we have come to honestly hold as "the truth".

    Doctrines, as we will define them here, are the teachings we derive from the Scriptures. These teachings are the fundamental building blocks of all we believe about God, spirituality, and righteous living.

    If our doctrines are biblically accurate, we have a good basis for choosing to do "the right thing". If our doctrines of holiness and pure living are correctly developed from scripture we have the proper rule set by which to choose how to live. If we have sound doctrine on God's love, final judgement, and eternity, we have the necessary foundation for being motivated to choose right behavior.

    Our doctrine is not merely reflected in our behavior, our doctrine (our beliefs) drive our behavior. Therefore, this site is biased toward studying doctrine in a manner that directly relates the Christian life to how God has called us to live.

    "in all things show yourself to be an example of good deeds, with purity in doctrine, dignified," Titus 2:7 NASB

    A Brief Word

    The Faithful Word.org is a relatively new site. It began posting articles in September of 2002. If your desired category is not yet populated with articles, please return in a week or two (we are operating with a very small volunteer staff).

    If you do not see the category of doctrine for which you have an interest, please send us an e-mail explaing your specific area of interest. If the topic is within our own domain of interest and experience, we may consider researching an article in that area.

    Thank you for your kind visit. We hope you found it useful and edifying.

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