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E-Mails We Have Received

Date Received: October 17, 2002

I appreciate your article on discernment, something which ought to be important for all Christians, and not left for just a 'few'.

Date Received: February 14, 2003

Iíve bookmarked your page and will follow your research- itís very impressive and thought-provoking. Thank you for your time and commitment to discernmentÖsome of us are not as well equipped in that area, but thatís where trusting God for wisdom in those gray areas comes in! Itís my prayer that God will continue to lead you in truth and wisdom as you study and share!
God bless!

After beginning the website we almost immediately discontinued posting emails to this page. We do read and respond to virtually every legitimate email (see the contact page for our definition of "legitimate"), but the volume of incoming emails and the effort it took to transfer them to HTML was too great. Nonetheless, we do very much appreciate every encouraging email and particularly those emails that identify errors in our content. Thank you, and please keep writing.

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