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The Faithful Word.org does not necessarily agree with every opinion, statement, article, doctrine, or interpretation presented on this site. It is also possible as we learn and grow, concepts we once agreed with we may find we no longer agree with over time.

Additionally, claims, quotes, stated "facts", and citations made on this site may be inadvertently inaccurate. This is especially true of articles and material originating from other web sites or resources, as we cannot verify the accuracy of all assertions made by every individual. However, when we do become aware that something is demonstrably inaccurate, we will attempt to point this out with editorial comments.

However, the reader should be willing to discern everything he reads through the filter of scripture. No two eyewitnesses to any event see what transpires in exactly the same way, nor do they focus on the same incidents that comprise the event-therefore their testimony differs, though both are correct and honest. Bring that same understanding to reading material on this and other sites. Test everything.

If we are wrong about a fact or an issue, please contact and tell us (please supply sufficient evidences to support your contention-just saying, "This is wrong" will not be sufficiently helpful).

Everything on this site represents one person's or another's personal opinions. Please understand that people differ in opinions and that everyone is entitled to have one (or more). Be respectful of the person even if you dislike their opinions. Sometimes being exposed to "new" ideas is healthy, even ideas we do not agree with so long as we evaluate everything biblically and make sound judgements as a result.

Given the limited amount of time we have to work on articles and to investigate material, we may find ourselves endorsing a book, idea, or doctrine that appears biblically sound but is authored by an individual with a less-than-acceptable lifestyle, ministry, or general base of theology. Since we cannot know all there is to know about the ministry of others, all the various materials others have authored, or even their public or private lifestyle, we will only attempt to review what we have read. And it will happen that sometimes we will endorse some material from an individual while rejecting other material they have produced. Test all things you read, we all make mistakes.

Finally, never take any rash life-changing action based on what you read on this site. First you should independently verify the accuracy of what you read. Then you should seek the Lord in prayer concerning what actions to take. Finally, consult an abundance of personal counselors to ensure a wise outcome. The opinions provided on this and other sites can be valuable, but they are not "inspired" (in the sense that scripture is inspired), so please be discerning and thoughtful before you act on what you read.

With that all said, please rely on the scriptures for all your spiritual needs. They are profitable for you concerning all aspects of instruction in righteousness.

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