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Where Is God When Waves of Devastation Crash In?

Suffering, Trials, and Coping--Help from James

The Ever-Recurring Trial--Am I to Blame?

Must We Stay Under Trials?

All Things Work Together for Good, but What Does "Good" Mean? (Repost of a blog essay)

Spiritually Healed (Repost of a blog essay)

Thou Hast Taught Me to Say (Repost of a blog essay)

Is This the End? (Repost of a blog essay)

Did Jesus Curse the Earth? (Repost of a blog essay)

ďIf You Had Been Here"--Health, Wealth, and Prosperity Mysticism in Jesusí Day

Godís Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question--Why We Suffer

Faith Healing -- Godís Compassion, Godís Power, and Godís Sovereignty:
Is a Christian permitted to seek medical assistance and to use medicine?

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