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The following is an on-line book. Due to its length, it is divided across multiple web pages.
Apostles and Prophets: Validating Modern Claims of Leadership
Written by: Craig W. Booth
Apostleship -- An Important Doctrine
Definition of Apostleship
Sending Apostles
Sending the Twelve and Paul
Acts 13--Paul and Barnabas Are Sent
Thirteen Apostles
Apostolic Missions
The Mission of the Twelve
Paul's Apostolic Mission
The Seventy
More Apostles
Still Other Apostles
James and Jude
Silas and Timothy
Andronicus and Junias
Titus, the Fellow Worker
Biblical Apostles Summarized Eighty-Five Scripturally Confirmed "Apostles of Jesus Christ"
Five Who May or May Not Have Been Apostles
The Tests of Apostleship -- Summary of the Qualifications of a True Apostle of Jesus Christ
Summary of Mistaken Concepts About Apostles

Summary of Righteous Men Who Were Not Apostles
Missionaries Evangelists -- Preaching, Teaching, Church Planting Apostolic Authority No Authority to Rule the Churches
No Authority to Solicit Money and Offerings
Authority to Teach and Preach
Implications of "The Mystery" for Modern Apostles
Summarizing Apostolic Authority
Apostleship As An Historical Gift, Not a Church Office
Apostleship-An Equipping Gift
Apostleship-A Greater Gift Summary of Greater Gifts Redefining the Word "Apostle"
Apostles: Conclusion

Definition of Prophet
God Presents His Own Definition of "Prophet"
When a Prophet Speaks, God is Uttering His Commands
Giving the Prophet a Make-Over (Taking the Revelation Out of Prophecies)
Partially Mistaken Prophecy
Test One for Agabus
Test Two for Agabus
Prophecy in the 21st Century Church
Prophets Who Played Foundational Roles in the Early Church--Ephesians 2:20
Future Prophets
Present Day Prophets
Do Not Despise Prophetic Utterance


Prophets: Introduction (section two of online book on Apostles and Prophets)

The Nature of New Testament Prophecy: An Examination of Wayne Grudemís Position
Article by Pastor Stephen Kring
Omens and Signs -- Is there a difference? (Repost of a blog essay)

Knowing God's Will (praying for or sensing a "word" from God -- is it biblical?)

On What Does Your Faith Rest? -- Near Death Accounts and Their Prophetic Claims

Faith Healing

Faith Healing -- Godís Compassion, Power, Sovereignty:
Is a Christian permitted to seek medical assistance and to use medicine?

ďIf You Had Been Here"--Health, Wealth, and Prosperity Mysticism in Jesusí Day

Did Jesus Curse the Earth? (Repost of a blog essay)


Articles on Music as a Spiritual Gift

Miracles and Cessation

When Humanity Stopped Hearing Godís Voice

Do You Meet the Qualifications for Apostleship? (Repost of a blog essay)

Is Every Spiritual Gift Given Continuously, Even to this Day? (Repost of a blog essay)

Using Spiritual Gifts

...A Terrible Thing to Waste--Putting Anothers' Gift to Work (Repost of a blog essay)

Links to Other Sites' Articles Examining the Spiritual Gifts, Apostles, and Prophets. Note: The Faithful Word.org does not necessarily agree with the content of material or doctrine found at other sites but makes the links available as an aid to research and study. Fallible New Testament Prophecy/Prophets?
A Critique of Wayne Grudem's Hypothesis
by F. David Farnell

Spiritual Gifts: The Gifted Men--Apostles and Prophets
by John MacArthur

Gaffin and Grudem on Ephesians 2:20
by R. Fowler White

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