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A Christian's Travelogue
Paris and Rome 2002
Contemplation On Gargoyles, Cathedrals, and Arches of Triumph
Photograph of Drinking Gargoyle and Other Gargoyles
Photographs of the Arch of Titus

Strasbourg and Florence 2004
Monuments to Faith, or, Monumental Faith?

Strasbourg 2005
Photographic Tour of Strasbourg (canals, cathedrals, gargoyles)

Paris and Normandy 2004
Photograph Series of the Mocking Gargoyle and Others
Photograph Series from Paris
Photograph Series from the American Cemetery in Normandy France (let us not forget)

Visiting Disney and Universal at Orlando in a Day

Road Trip to the Creation Museum -- 2007

2003 - The Year of Biblical Discernment

War in Iraq and the Christian Response

Historic Vote in the USA, 2004

How to Prepare Turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner

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