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Apologetics -- Defense of the Christian Faith
The "Judas Gospel" (Repost of a blog essay)
Tomb of Jesus and His Wife?--Tomb Raiders Revisited (Repost of a blog essay)
Was Christ Jesus A Myth Derived from Mithra, the Persian Sun God?
Evidences of the Supernatural Origin of Scripture: Prophecies That Still Convince Me
Must there be unbelievers in this world? (Repost of a blog essay)
Old Wivesí Tales--Say What? (Repost of a blog essay)
Atheism and Humanism -- Meaningless, Vain, Hopeless Philosophies
More Thoughts on Atheism and Humanism
Ten Alleged Contradictions in the Bible
Do You Believe in Miracles?
Godís Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question--Why We Suffer
What Christians Must Never Say to Me Again
Belief in Aliens Rational while Belief in God Irrational -- Atheist Stephen Hawking Advances Mythology of Space Invaders as Science

Discernment -- Applying knowledge and wisdom for a proper understanding of the Christian Faith

Cry for Discernment! -- God's Forgotten Promise
What Characterizes a Mature Reader? (Repost of a blog essay)
Reading Illustrations Aright (Repost of a blog essay)
Flower Illustration Does Not Smell Right (Repost of a blog essay)
Christian Hedonism--A Wake-up Call to the Church
Handy Excuses You Can Use to Avoid Being Rebuked for Your Doctrine
His Master's Voice
Mega Churches: Postmodern Seeker Sensitivity
Sing a New Song, But Sing a New Doctrine? (Repost of a blog essay)
A Doctrine Literally Taken From the Lips of a Demon (Repost of a blog essay)
Another Doctrine from a Demon: All Natural Pleasure is From God (Repost of a blog essay)
The Watchtower (Repost of a blog essay)
Omens and Signs -- Is there a difference? (Repost of a blog essay)
Only a God like You -- A Song without a Truthful Meaning (Repost of a blog essay)
Knowing God's Will (praying for or sensing a "word" from God -- is it biblical?)
You Are Being Judgmental (Repost of a blog essay)
Why Do Christians Make Mistakes? (Repost of a blog essay)
Stop Witnessing Now! (Repost of a blog essay)
Should We Be Scared Yet?--Earthquake in Japan
Baring All Your Teeth -- Judging the Joy of Other Christians
The Spiritual Bully
On What Does Your Faith Rest? -- Testing the Prophetic Claims of Near Death Accounts

The Diotrephes Syndrome: A Strategy for Using Church Discipline as a Weapon

Links to Another Sites' Discernment Articles Authored by John MacArthur Note: The Faithful Word.org does not necessarily agree with the content of material or doctrine found at other sites but makes the links available as an aid to research and study. The Rise of Reckless Faith
The War Against Reason
Losing the Will to Discern

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