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Church Discipline
In Fear of Punishment
Meet the Angry Man and the Contentious Woman
Confronting One Another - Matthew 18:15-27
Matthew 18 -- How to Treat a Little One
Sharpening One Another (Repost of a blog essay)
Lies, Cursed Lies, and Deceptive Silence (Repost of a blog essay)
Understanding the Nature of Deception--Follow-up Questions (Repost of a blog essay)
Resolving Doctrinal Conflicts Biblically
Of Pearls and Swine (Repost of a blog essay)
You Are Being Judgmental (Repost of a blog essay)
Reconciliation: The Cost of Forgiveness
What is Biblical Forgiveness, and Who Should be Forgiven?

The Diotrephes Syndrome: A Strategy for Using Church Discipline as a Weapon

Church Organization and Structure
Short Story: And Then It Cliqued...A Dream

Corporate Worship
Forget the Theories of Authentic Worship--Please Just Give Me a Bible Verse
Music, Worship, and Spiritual Gifts--Biblical Guidance for the Choir Director
What Does Expositional Mean?
Psalm 42 – The Sorrowing Sinner Whose Heart Desires God (Repost of a blog essay)

Discipleship / Sanctification and Growth
It is our battle to fight. It is our race to run. (Repost of a blog essay)
Perfection on Earth--A Thought on Sanctification (Repost of a blog essay)
Grafted into the True Vine and the Removal of the Dead Wood (Repost of a blog essay)
Why Do Adults Attend Sunday School? (Repost of a blog essay)
Conversion Is a Change of Motives---When I sin, I am doing what I do not want to do (Repost of a blog essay)
What Must I Feel to be Saved? (Repost of a blog essay)
How Does One Access God’s Sufficiency? (Repost of a blog essay)

Fellowship / Relationships / Communication
The Four Guidelines of Christian Communication
The Complement of Flattery
Cussin' (Use of Cursing, Swear Words, and Foul Language by Christians)
Ending the "Tyranny of the Offended" -- Understanding the Phrase "Give No Offense"
Insulted: Crushing the Personal Offense
Frequently Asked Questions about Offenses and Insults Answered from the Bible
Quarreling or Edifying? -- How to Discern the Difference
His Master's Voice
Kind and Gentle Correction
Revelation 2:1-7 -- What Does God Mean that Some Have Left Their First Love?
Grace to Others--On Gracious Speech (Repost of a blog essay)
Gracious Listening (Repost of a blog essay)
Struck by Four Verses: Jealousy and Speech (Repost of a blog essay)
It is What You Say, Not How You Say It
To Tell the Truth
What is Biblical Forgiveness, and Who Should be Forgiven?
Do You Have to Grant Foregiveness before Being Asked?
“I Am Sorry You Were Offended” and Other Insincere Apologies
“I cannot apologize for being right” -- The Reconciliation Impasse
“It Takes Two to Fight”
The Spiritual Bully


How to Leave Your Church: The Pragmatic Side of Resigning a Church Membership
Only Three Classes of Humans

Successes or Failures: God-chosen Leaders? (Repost of a blog essay)
(Re-)Envisioning the Future (Repost of a blog essay)
Life is Too Big for Me (Repost of a blog essay)
2008 -- The Year of Your Ministry (Repost of a blog essay)

Seeker Sensitive, Mega Church, Postmodernism, Emerging Church
Mega Churches: Postmodern Seeker Sensitivity
When does a seeker become a believer? (Repost of a blog essay)
Here's Mud in Your Eye--questioning the seeker culture (Repost of a blog essay)
Letting the World Define the Mission -- A Strategy of Failure and Age Discrimination (Repost of a blog essay)
Hypocritical America: Postmodern Sexual Dilemma (Repost of a blog essay)
Emergent Church, Youth Bias, and a Return to the ‘70’s Jesus Movement (Repost of a blog essay)
A Journey of Understanding the Emerging Church (Repost of a blog essay)
The Contemporary Gospel of Relevancy (Repost of a blog essay)
The Single Purpose Church (Repost of a blog essay)

Links to Other Sites' Articles Examining the Seeker Sensitive Movement, Mega Churches, and Postmodernism
Note: The Faithful Word.org does not necessarily agree with the content of material or doctrine found at other sites but makes the links available as an aid to research and study. The links below directed to articles written by Dr. John Armstrong require special understanding. For many years Dr. Armstrong represented the best and finest of practicing pastors/theologians. He had been known for his careful defense of the faith, even organizing apologetics conferences. In recent years he has come out in public defense of both the New Perspective on Paul (NPP) and the theology driving the Emerging Church. Though I would take issue with these recent doctrinal positions which he has chosen to adopt, many of his earlier works, such as the articles linked below, retain his earlier zeal for scriptural accuracy and integrity of biblical interpretation. Article: Problems Related to Seeker Sensitive Worship
Article: The Contemporary Church
(Previously Entitled: The Mad Rush to Seeker Sensitive Worship)--by John H. Armstrong

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