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Assorted Topical Video Sermons

The Law and the Christian - Part One (the purpose of the Law of Moses)
The Law and the Christian - Part Two (are any parts of the Law for today: the Sabbath?, Tithing?, the Ten Commandments?)
The Death and Life of Lazarus - Why Jesus Did Not Heal Lazarus When There Was Still Time
Jesus Gave Gifts and the Implications for Cessation Theology
God's Power - What It Is and How to Obtain It

Assorted Topical Audio Sermons

Psalm 37 - Overcoming Fear with Faith, Obedience, Study, Delight, Good Works, and Purity
(P.S. explaining what it means that the children of righteous believers are not seen begging for food)
Psalm 22 - My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? (and In What Way Have You Forsaken Me?)
Companion Article: Detailed theological exploration of Jesus' use of Psalm 22:1 (did Jesus endure Hell or give the "Scream of the Damned"?)

Luke and Acts -- Audio Sermon Series

Book Overview, Introduction, Why Luke Wrote and to Whom, Luke 1:1-4
The Times of John and the End of the Law-Temple-Old Covenant and the Beginning of the Age of Rejoicing, Luke 1:5-17
Zacharias expresses doubt while Mary professes faith and a willingness to be an obedient servant, Luke 1:18-38
John the Fetus, Elizabeth the Old, and Mary the Pregnant Virgin (author of the Magnificat) all use prophetic testimony to proclaim Jesus is God, Luke 1:38-56
Zacharias throws a great party, gets back his prophetic voice, identifies the Messiah as God, and sings God's praises (the Benedictus), Luke 1:57-80
Jesus is born in Bethlehem, angels proclaim His birth and bless those with whom He is pleased (who are those people?), Luke 2:1-20
Jesus is brought to the temple to be redeemed and experiences a tidal wave of prophetic blessings, Luke 2:20-39
Jesus begins to grow in wisdom (what does that mean?); are infants who die at birth saved?, Luke 2:39-52
John the Baptist heralds Jesus as "the God who is here" then warns baptism candidates that only repentance brings forgiveness from God, Luke 3:1-18
Paul, Peter, Jesus, and John the Baptist preach the same gospel, errors of hyper-dispensational doctrines, the need for good doctrine in the church, Luke 3:18
John the Baptist confronts sin; the possible consequences of telling the truth; the illegitimate tactic of shunning those we disagree with, Luke 3:18-20
Jesus is God yet He required the empowering of the Holy Spirit; why?, Jesus was no sinner but was baptized; why?, Luke 3:21-4:4:2
Jesus is tempted by Satan to commit again the "first human sin," the essence of spiritual warfare, Luke 4:1-13
Jesus' fame spreads as He preaches the Gospel of Himself as Messiah, though He was rejected in Nazareth; the Luke 4 chronology issue is also addressed, Luke 4:14-30
Jesus' fame spreads as He preaches the Gospel of Himself as Messiah and healer; Luke differentiates between those healed of disease and those freed from demons; Luke 4:31-44
Peter and John are called to ministry via a fishing miracle, then they are rebuked via another fishing miracle for having walked away from that ministry; Luke 5:1-11 and John 21:1-18
Note: this is one of my favorite Scripture passages to preach and teach because of the profound impact it has had on me personally.
Baldness is not an unclean state, Jesus heals a leper and a paralytic, Luke explains why Jesus said not to tell about His miracle of healing; Luke 5:12-26
Do NOT judge the level of emotion or spirituality of another's worship; Jesus calls Levi, Jesus explains how the Law is an old worn out garment; Luke 5:27-39
What does it mean that Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath--as God could He ignore the law of not working on the Sabbath?; Luke 6:1-11
Jesus commissions twelve from His hundreds of disciples to become The Twelve Apostles; Can men today also become Apostles of Jesus Christ? ;Luke 6:12-16
Power--Dunamis--Power to heal and power to rule, not explosive power and not the power of free-flowing electricity; Jesus the powerful healer; Luke 6:17-21
Note: This sermon also covers one of the most shocking statements Jesus ever made about the miracle of healing and its use in evangelism.
Jesus begins His sermon on the mount; introductory discussion on the encouragement that is wisdom literature: how to understand and apply it; Luke 6:20-26
Jesus directs His disciples to love even their enemies, then he uses poetic hyperbole to illustrate extreme genuine love and how far from love we usually fall; Luke 6:27-35
Christians are examples of God's generous love, or they should be; there is a log in your eye and other blind Christians teaching young disciples to haul around bad fruit; Luke 6:36-49
All it takes to heal someone else is the God-given authority to heal, not ability, but authority, even if the other person lacks faith, is an unbeliever, is dead, or does not ask; Luke 7:1-17
How Jesus responded to the doubts of John the Baptist--a lesson for church members; Luke 7:18-35
Why Was the Cross Necessary?, Jesus is annointed by the sorrowful woman, Easter Sunday sermon; Luke 7:36-50
The Parable of the Sower, why people reject the gospel of "believe and repent;" Luke 8:1-21
Exorcism, demon possession, and implications for the modern church; Jesus sleeps while the boat sinks; Luke 8:22-39
Jesus as the Extreme Healer and the implications for today of illness and truly miraculous healings; Luke 8:40-56
On mission--the Twelve and the Seventy are sent to preach and to heal taking no provisions, but, Jesus said everything changes when He dies; Luke 9:1-6
Jesus is recognized as the Messiah, the missionaries feed the crowd, and the keys of the kingdom are explained; Luke 9:7-20
Jesus revealed as the coming sacrifice; "this generation" will see the kingdom glory; take up your lethal injection daily; Jesus transfigured; Luke 9:21-36
Apostles fail to cast out demon, Jesus tells them they are untrustworthy and thinking wrongly and asks how much longer He must stay to teach them; no plan B; Luke 9:37-45
Luke 9 is a history of failures; selfishness is failure while humility is success; the apostles argue over who is the greatest; Luke 9:46-62
Jesus watches Satan "fall from heaven" after the 70 are commissioned to evangelize; Luke 10:1-24
The real meaning of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, taken in context and without allegory; Luke 10:25-40
Mercy, compassion, spiritual abuse, overworked congregants: a look at Martha and Mary; Luke 10:38-42
Can you always get what you pray for?; Is there a secret to prayer?; Did Jesus always get a 'yes' answer to His prayers? Luke 11:1-13
Luke explains in story form what Jesus meant by 'the unforgivable sin;' Is a man stronger than a demon?; Luke 11:14-12:12
The end of worry, the end of greed, spending your salvation on the Kingdom now; Luke 12:13-32
Beware of Jeff Probst: 'once saved always saved,' 'endure to the end,' 'a thief in the night,' 'be dressed in readiness,' 'keep the lamp lit,' 'stay awake,' ; Luke 12:34-48
Jesus shockingly states that He can hardly wait for the destruction of the Earth by fire; Is the world to be literally burned?; Luke 12:48-58

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